Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Sell Your Home Without a REALTOR®!

Our times, as Dickens put it, "was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. . . ." Even in the best of times, it was difficult to fault a home owner for wanting to sell their home without a REALTOR®. Today, many home owners find it necessary to do so just to cut their losses. Few know what is in store for them though, and fewer still will succeed.

The reasons so few owners successfully sell their home are manifold. The reasons begin with owners not realizing that they are in the business of selling real estate, and that it is as competitive a business as any they can imagine. The next reason is that they go into business without a workable plan, which is to say that they plan to fail. There are also at least 15 pitfalls that they fall into, and even the difference between success and failure is not cut and dried. Even the 20% of sellers who succeed in selling their home by owner very often net less than they would had they used and agent.

Many believe that the Internet is the ultimate source for information, and place their faith in being able to learn how to sell their homes by owner by searching for information online. They will certainly find a lot of free information. As good as the advice they find may be, none of it will help, because none of it includes a marketing plan.

The available advice comes primarily from three sources, real estate professionals who hope to ingratiate sellers who will list with them when they fail, out-of-their-element journalists who seem to get their advice from the agents, and the FSBO dot coms—which have a laundry list of ulterior motives for wanting sellers to believe that their Web site is the silver bullet that will slay the werewolf of failure.

If you are interested in selling your home without a REALTOR®, does it make sense to go into the real estate business without a well thought out plan? Today's market is the most competitive in history, and especially so for the luxury home market.

Selling Your Home By Owner is a proven marketing plan that could well reverse the stats for owners who want to sell a home without a REALTOR®. This eBooklet provides everything you need to know about selling your home by owner, and the tools you need to do it:
  • Marketing advice to help you maximize exposure of your home to the market.
  • A marketing plan that can help overcome the odds against success.
  • A marketing strategy to help you maximize your net proceeds.
  • In-depth tips for successful selling.
  • Industry insight to the FSBO dot com marketplace.
  • A title Insurance rate chart.
  • The required legal disclosure forms.
  • Spreadsheets for calculating seller net proceeds and buyer closing costs.
Go for it—and good luck!

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